Welcome to Vegi Farm

Established in 1999 Vegi Farm has become one of the leading suppliers & exporters of Frozen IQF Fruits and Vegetables in Egypt. We offer a wide and varied range of produce to a large customer base. We aim to provide the very best service for all our customers and always strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We place a large emphasis on maintaining our flexibility as we feel it is critical to our ongoing success. We will work with customers where possible to tailor our service to suit your needs.We treat all our customers as individuals and will work with you in all aspects such as pricing, delivery, pack size and bespoke blending to deliver the complete package.  
Individually Quick Frozen ingredients have quickly become an essential requirement for the Food Industry. Vegi Farm's products are of the highest quality and maintain their vitamin and mineral content through efficient processing methods. Our product range has increased to reflect consumer taste changes as well as our customer demands offering greater variety with one supplier.

We use the best quick freezing methods to give a free flowing frozen
product that does not need thawing before use. All the flavours of the products are retained enabling you to use frozen as fresh, keeping their flavour all year round. This provides a time saving, economical and convenient solution to food preparation without compromising on quality or flavour

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